What’s On?

Throughout the year there are so many ways to become involved with Epilepsy Action Australia from fun-runs to dedicated epilepsy awareness events! Don’t forget annual days like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween can be a great opportunity to include fundraising in your celebrations.

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1st – New Year’s Resolutions – if you wish to become more active, travel more, hold a celebration or make new friends, you can fundraise for a good cause at the same time.

6th – Portsea Twilight

7th – Surf T Surf Fun Run and Walk

14th – Cadbury Marathon

23rd – Handwriting Day – grab yourself one of our pens to use your everyday writing to support those impacted by epilepsy.

26th – Australia Day Aquathon

26th – The Big Swim

31st – Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – check out Art for Epilepsy our yearly art auction for some great work by generous Australian artists.


3-4th – Sun Run & Cole Classic

7th – Sunset Series – The Zoo

9th – Pizza Day – why not have a pizza party fundraiser?

10th – ROC Sydney

12th – International Epilepsy Day – a great day to help support the work we do

14th – Valentines Day – give a gift to the one you love that gives twice! Donate to support those impacted by epilepsy

21st – Sunset Series – The Park

24th – Rollercoaster Run

24th – Rottnest Channel Swim

24-25th – Orange Running Festival

25th – Color Run Canberra

25th – SparkeHelmore Newcastle City Triathlon


1st – Easter Sunday – skip the chocolate eggs and make a donation instead – it’s a great gift without the calories ☺

1st – Everest Nepal Trek

2nd – Children’s Book Day – have you seen our Understanding Epilepsy comic? Check out the digital version or order your own book copy.

7th – World Health Day

8th – Clare Classic

14th – Run the Rock

14-15th – Australian Running Festival

15th – New Run

15th – World Art Day – find out more about our annual Art for Epilepsy auction.

19th – Bicycle Day – get active for us in a community cycling event! Check out all the community active events.

20th – Color Run Melbourne

21st – Miss Muddy Perth

21st – Tea Day! It’s never too early to start thinking about E-Tea…


Art for Epilepsy – runs from May 1st to 9pm AEST on May 31st – find a piece you love from over 200 Australian artists!

1st – Walk Camino Spain Trek

5th – Free Comic Book Day – have you seen our Understanding Epilepsy comic? Check out the digital version or order your own book copy.

6th – Hamilton Hilly Marathon

13th May – Mother’s Day – when your Mum says, ‘Don’t buy me anything’, give a donation on her behalf to Epilepsy Action as a way to show her you care

17th – World Baking Day… it’s never too early to start thinking about E-Tea!

18th – Inca Trail Trek

19-20th – Tough Mudder SEQ

19-21st – Great Wheelbarrow Race

20th – GIRO d’Canberra

20th – Great Ocean Road Marathon

20th– SMH Half Marathon

20th – Stadium Stomp Adelaide

25th – Wine Day – check out some of the great wines and other prizes on our Auction for Action site.

27th – Rocky River Run

27th – Run for A Reason

30th – Great Wall of China Trek


1st–30th – #imovebeCAUSE

1st – Doughnut Day – did you know you can fundraise with doughnuts? Find out more here.

3rd – Maitland River Run

5th – Running Day – great day to check out Active Fundraising and sign up to a running event near you

7th – Global Running Day – a great day to check out our Active Fundraising ideas and sign up to a running event near you

8th – Best Friends Day – supporting a cause you love is always better with friends. Grab your bestie and fundraise together!

10th – Ballpoint Pen Day – support those impacted by epilepsy every time you write with our pens 🙂

18th – International Picnic Day – gather your friends and family together for a picnic fundraiser. Take your favourite treats and play some games to raise funds ☺

30th – Social Media Day – check out our Facebook , Instagram or Twitter and share one of our posts to help raise awareness!


1st – Broome International Airport Marathon

1st – Gold Coast Airport Marathon

1st – Stadium Stomp Sydney

3rd – International Plastic Bag Free Day – do your part in reducing plastic bag waste and buy some of our reusable bags to use yourself and give as gifts

10th – Teddy Bears Picnic Day – have you heard about our Ted-E-Bear connection program? Check it out today!

20-22nd – Velothon Sunshine Coast

22nd – City to Surf Albany

22nd – Jetty2Jetty

22nd – Stadium Stomp Melbourne

22nd – Sutherland to Surf

22nd – Winery Running Festival

28th – Australian Outback Marathon

29th – City to Surf Busselton

29th – Run Melbourne

29th – Stadium Stomp Brisbane

29th – Sydney Harbour 5 or 10k

30th – International Day of Friendship – grab some friends together and get involved in supporting Epilepsy Action – fundraising is always more fun with friends!


2nd – Fathers Day – what do you get for the Dad who has everything? Make a donation in his name to help support those impacted by epilepsy!

9th – Teddy Bear Day – have you heard about our Ted-E-Bear connection program? Check it out today!

16th – City Bay Fun Run

16th– Sydney Running Festival

21st – World Gratitude Day – we say a great big thank you to all of our supporters!

24th – Family Day, grab your family together and get involved in supporting Epilepsy Action – fundraising is always more fun together!

25th – Comic Book Day – have you seen our Understanding Epilepsy comic? Check out the digital version or order your own book copy.



1st – International Coffee Day – grab yourself a coffee and start planning your E-Tea!

4th – Improve Your Office Day – a great way to boost moral in your office is with some fun and you can’t do fundraising without fun!

5th – Inca Trail Trek

9th – World Post Day – want to brighten your letterbox? Order some of our merchandise 🙂

10th – Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work & School Day – if your little one doesn’t have one of our Ted-E-Bears then get in touch!

10th – World Mental Health Day

13-14th – Miss Muddy Brisbane

14th – Melbourne Marathon Festival

18th – Great Wall of China Trek

20th – Miss Muddy Hunter Valley

20th – Walk Camino Spain Trek

20-21st – Tough Mudder Melbourne

21st – Bowral Classic

25th – International Artists Day – we are so grateful to the amazing artists who contribute to Art for Epilepsy.

27th – Fundraiser Event Shopping Tour – grab your friends and get involved in this great event supporting us.

27th – Make a difference day – find out how you can help to make a difference to our organisation.

31st – Halloween – host a spooky Halloween fundraiser with your family and friends!

31st – Everest Nepal Trek


E-Tea – throughout November host your own morning or afternoon tea event to raise funds and awareness of epilepsy!

4th – Jacaranda River Fun Run

4th – Noosa Triathlon

5th – Annapurna Nepal Trek

6th – Melbourne Cup – Make the day a win for everyone by donating some of your winnings to Epilepsy Action!

7th – Stress Awareness Day – stress can be a trigger for seizures, find out more about known seizure triggers.

10th – Cycle Vietnam and Cambodia

10th – Miss Muddy Henty

13th – World Kindness Day – spread a little kindness to those you love and to those in need.

15th – I Love To Write Day – grab one of our pens to support those impacted by epilepsy every time you write!

17th – Tough Mudder Sydney

18th – Point to Pinnacle

24th – Miss Muddy Melbourne

26th – Cake Day – grab a slice of cake at your E-Tea event 🙂

27th – Giving Tuesday – give of your time, money or influence to help make a difference.


5th – International Volunteer Day – check out the ways you can get involved in volunteering  to support our work.

7th – Letter Writing Day – grab one of our pens and writing pads and get writing!

8th – Brownie Day – bake some brownies and have your own bake sale.

11th – International Mountain Day – if you have always wanted to conquer a mountain then we’ve got you covered with Adventure Fundraising

Christmas – celebrate a little differently this year by asking for donations to epilepsy instead of gifts, or perhaps in place of Secret Santa or Kris Kringle you can make a donation to provide a brighter future to those impacted by epilepsy.

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