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Hear From the Experts

Epilepsy Action Australia has produced an extensive series of over 30 short informational videos featuring some of Australia’s leading specialists, including:

  • Epileptologist, Dr Andrew Bleasel
  • Neurologist, Dr Dan McLaughlin
  • Neuropsychologist, Dr Laurie Miller
  • Paediatric Neurologist, Dr Kate Riney
  • Clinical Neurologist and Epileptologist, Associate Professor Cecilie Lander
  • Head of the Epilepsy Program, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Professor Terence John O’Brien.

These esteemed experts discuss a wide range of epilepsy topics of interest and give practical advice on everything from memory issues, diet and sleep, to children’s issues like babysitting and sleepovers.

You can also find these videos and many other Epilepsy Action clips featured on our YouTube channel EpilepsyTV.


Assessing Memory

- Dr Laurie Miller

Dr Laurie Miller talks about the pro’s and con’s of neuropsychological assessments and how to access limited services.

Types of Memory

- Dr Laurie Miller

There are many different types of memory and it may only be one aspect that is causing you difficulty. Dr Laurie Miller, Neuropsychologist explains the different types of memory.


Testing Memory

- Dr Laurie Miller

We all complain of poor memory at times, forgetting where we have put our wallet or car keys. Often our perception of our memory problem differs from reality. How good is your memory?

Factors that Affect Memory

- Dr Laurie Miller

There are many different things that impact our memory. Dr Laurie Miller, Neuropsychologist reveals the factors that affect memory and what you can do about them.

Impact of Seizures on Memory

- Dr Laurie Miller

Ever wondered if your seizures were impacting your memory. Dr Laurie Miller, Neuropsychologists speaks about the impact of seizures on memory.