Merchandise Box A – High School



Get your merchandise box today and start selling to family and friends or the general public, while raising awareness for epilepsy at the same time.

Suggested for Coord & Girls high schools

Each box contains:

  • 3 x Pens (silver & purple adult) at $3 each
  • 3 x  Pens (novelty x 4 colour) at $4 each
  • 10 x Phone Pop-Grips (two of each design) at $5 each
  • 3 x Sunglasses purple frame) at $8 each
  • 2 x Sunglasses (clear frame) at $8 each
  • 2 x Key rings (heart shape) at $5 each
  • 2 x Lapel Pins at $5 each

25 items in total valued at $131.

Order additional box contents to refill your favourite items from our “Buy Merchandise” home page or by clicking the products below and adding to your cart.


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