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The Drop Support harness is a unique, upper body safety product for people who have falls and drop attacks.

Designed and produced by someone who has a family member with epilepsy and drop attacks (tonic and atonic seizures), Drop Support is unique in that it secures the user’s whole upper body, with one centralised point of contact. It’s this point of contact that enables full fall support for the whole upper body, and the ability to re-stabilise the person, lessening the likelihood of injury.

The added support straps over the shoulder’s and chest area help the assistant in better managing and stopping forward falls. Due to the Support Handle’s location higher up the back, it is more accessible when the user is seated – no need to go digging all the way down the back to find a waist belt.

Drop Support aims to try to support those that are unable to support themselves, by providing family members, caregivers, and practitioners another means of supporting their loved ones during a fall.

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