PulseGuard Monitor

The majority of seizure alert devices are designed to alert when repetitive or continuous movement is detected, however some people experience seizures with little or no movement or sound.

The PulseGuard monitor is designed to detect heart rate variations that commonly occur just prior to, or during a seizure. It is designed for nocturnal use or personal care tasks such as showering as the sensor is in the form of a bracelet that can be worn on the ankle or wrist, and is fully waterproof. This can be used for all ages as children as young as newborns can have the sensor strapped to their thigh.

There is a tablet that must be kept within 10 metres of the device and a pager that enables the alarm to be heard in a separate room.

This product is not yet available in Australia but can be purchased online and shipped. There is a monthly fee which includes lifetime warranty and 24/7 technological support.