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My Medic Watch App

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My Medic Watch are lifesaving apps that help coordinate immediate assistance when you experience a fall or a seizure by alerting caregivers and loved ones with your status and GPS location. Continue to live your life the way you want, knowing that immediate security and protection is wrapped around your wrist.

Smart Detection

As soon as a fall or a seizure occurs, My Medic Watch apps detects it using Smartwatch sensors and an accurate algorithm. The app then sends notification and your GPS location to the nominated caregivers based on workflows of escalation. You can have up to five caregivers. Caregivers will automatically notify every other caregiver and the watch wearer that they are on their way to help if you experience a fall or seizure. All caregivers are sent update of the progress, keeping everyone informed and reassured. You can cancel your request for help if you are safe.

Real Time Data

Included in your subscription is access to real time data of all your medical episodes. You can choose to give access to your doctors as well if you want, so that they can review your medical conditions.