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The Live Life Mobile Alarm is a waterproof pendant you can wear wherever you go.

When you need help all you have to do is press the button and the pendant will text and call up to 5 emergency contacts. Any number can be programmed, including 000. There are no monthly monitoring fees and no need for the wearer to check prepaid, mobile credit.

Your exact location on Google Maps (GPS Tracking)

Each text message to nominated contacts show the wearer’s exact location on Google Maps using the built-in GPS. When the call from the pendant is answered the wearer can speak and listen ‘hands free’ through their pendant.

Automatic fall detection

Clever automatic fall detection is also built in, meaning when a serious fall occurs the pendant will send out ‘fall alert’ texts and then begins to call family/friends. At any time a family member, caregiver or health professional can call the pendant and speak to the wearer. By doing this they can reassure the wearer if they are hurt or pass on medical information to first responders who may have arrived at the location.

Watch this short video to show you how it works

**For invoicing and quote requests related to NDIS and home care package funding please follow the link https://livelifealarms.com.au/ndis/ or phone 1800 936 774.


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