Course in Epilepsy Management (10686NAT) – 3



This course in Epilepsy Management includes the core unit ‘support individuals with epilepsy’ as well as the elective ‘administer emergency medications for seizures’. It is targeted at health and community support workers, childcare and schools and the aged care sector. It is relevant for anyone who supports an individual whose seizures may require them to administer emergency medication.

Support Individuals with Epilepsy:

The unit covers the ability to understand, recognise and manage seizures. Topics covered include the anatomy of the brain; seizure types and epilepsy; diagnosing and treating epilepsy; the impact epilepsy has on the person; safety measures for seizures and lifestyle and seizure first aid. It also promotes an awareness of the impact of epilepsy on a person’s life physically, socially and emotionally.

Administer Emergency Medications for Seizures:

This unit is designed to provide the skills and knowledge required to administer relevant medication to an individual experiencing a seizure that requires emergency medication. The unit covers seizure emergencies and emergency medications; administering emergency medication and contingency management.

  • Support individuals with epilepsy (CEMSIE001)
  • Administer emergency medications for seizures (CEMAEM002)

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