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Submitted by Linda McGlone

Shelby Kennedy, founder and director of The Mindset Movement is a Master Practitioner of Life Coaching and an Associate Member of the International Coach Guild (ICG).  She is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an Accredited Extended DISC Consultant and Trainer and she is also a Mindset & Self Leadership Specialist who coaches and mentors individual clients and teams through 1:1 Coaching, Team Training Seminars and Workshops.

Shelby has had epilepsy since the age of 11 when she had absence seizures. At 16, she began having generalised seizures after suffering a blow to the head while playing basketball. Now 24, she has been seizure-free for eight years.

Shelby is passionate about Mental Health and Wellbeing and having a positive impact on Mental Health in todays society.