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This Purple Day, Epilepsy Action Australia encourages you to join  the Make March Purple movement to raise awareness and much needed funds  in support of the 250,000 Australians living with epilepsy, particularly in your workplace. Make March Purple is a national campaign supported by epilepsy organisations across Australia. We want to ensure epilepsy is in the spotlight for longer than one day alone and encourage you to have conversations with your employers, colleagues, clients and company stakeholders throughout March to break the stigma often associated with the condition.

Will you help us turn things around for Epilepsy?

Here’s how your workplace can get involved;


  • GO PURPLEWhether it be a purple outfit or hairdo, shake it upside down, let your style shine and embrace epilepsy awareness! Encourage workplace leaders to show support for epilepsy awareness by sponsoring them to wear a purple wig and sunglasses for a day. Employees can contribute through donations, with the funds being donated to Epilepsy Action Australia. A simple ask for a $10, $20 or $50 donation will make it easy for everyone to chip in. This not only promotes epilepsy awareness but will also highlight your workplace’s collective commitment to a meaningful cause and reinforces corporate social responsibility.


  • RAISING AWARENESS & HAVING FUN Host a morning tea, BBQ sausage sizzle, raffle, afternoon drinks, donation collection, online fundraiser or anything you can think of to encourage your workplace to start talking about epilepsy and get involved in helping turns things around for the people who’s lives have been impacted by epilepsy, all whilst having a great time.  And just for something different,  turn your social media profile pictures upside down to show the world you are supporting the Make March Purple  movement for epilepsy.


  • FUNDRAISEGather your workplace colleagues and host a bake sale, morning tea, lunch, afternoon drinks, raffle, sporting tournament, donation collection or anything you can think of to encourage them to start talking about epilepsy and get involved in helping those in need whilst having a great time. 


  • BUY OR SELL MERCHANDISEBuying our merchandise is a great way to raise funds for research, support services, first-aid programs and so much more needed by those with epilepsy and their families. Help turn things around by purchasing items from our specialty range of cost-effective Purple Day Merchandise. From jumbo bow ties to sleek enamel ribbon lapel pins – there is something for everyone.


  • TAKE THE PURPLE MUCK CHALLENGE – Show you care and dare your boss to be covered in purple muck to raise funds and awareness for the 65 million people around the world whose lives have been turned upside down by epilepsy! Taking the Muck Me Purple Challenge is simple.
    1. Choose the type of PURPLE muck you want to be covered in. – slime, purple foam, jelly (check out our easy recipe here to create purple muck)
    2. Set a donation target – that once reached will mean you get mucked #getmuckedforepilepsy (Create your fundraiser here)
    3. Film and photograph your mucking. Be sure to share the moment you get covered in PURPLE muck for all your followers on social media – and your fundraising page.
    4. Nominate someone you want to take the Purple Muck Challenge. Use the hashtags: #muckmepurple  #muckmeforepilepsy #getmuckedepilepsy #getmuckedforepilepsy


  • EVENT RESOURCES & PROMOTIONAL MATERIALThere is no need to dash to the party shop; We have you covered! Register your fundraiser and receive a FREE Purple Day Fundraising Host Kit. This kit includes balloons, streamers, string, donation jar tags and bunting cut outs, posters and an information guide to support you before, during and after your fundraising event or initiative.  We also have an extensive range of downloadable resources to support your fundraising efforts!


  • SHARE YOUR EVENT PHOTOS OR STORIES WITH USWe would love to see and hear all about the difference you made this March! Share your photos or stories with us by tagging us on social media with #epilepsyactionaustralia #MakeMarchPurple or email us at epilepsy@epilepsy.org.au. Don’t forget to turn your social media profile pictures upside down to show the world you are supporting the Make March Purple  movement for epilepsy.





If you have any questions or need advice on the suitability of an activity, online fundraiser or event, please contact us on 1300 37 45 37, epilepsy@epilepsy.org.au or by hitting the get in touch button above.

We appreciate the time, energy and dedication shown by our supporters  each year.