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Seizures that worsen during pregnancy is related to seizure type

Women with focal epilepsy, particularly frontal lobe epilepsy, have higher rates of seizure worsening during pregnancy compared to women with generalised epilepsy. Read More

Acid reflux could cause death during seizures 

Recent research suggests that obstructive spasm of the larynx resulting in cessation in breathing may be a mechanism in sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). Read More

Concussions may contribute to the development of epilepsy

The development of epilepsy triggered by mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) may be related to an abnormal response from specific brain cells, which change to form scars. Read More

Device implanted in brain reduces seizures dramatically

Animal studies have shown when the device was implanted in the brains of rats with epilepsy, they experienced 75 per cent fewer seizures after just two weeks. Read More

Distinguishing between epileptic seizures and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) 

A new biomarker-based blood test has the potential to revolutionise the diagnosis of epilepsy and distinguish between epileptic seizures and PNES. Read More

New children’s video about epilepsy and sports: ‘Stella Starfish wants to play Sports!’

Stella the starfish loves to play football but is worried because she has epilepsy. Campi the Seahorse lives with epilepsy too, and he has an idea to help Stella learn more about epilepsy and playing sport. Watch video