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Epilepsy Action Australia are proud to partner with Kindom. Find out more about this wonderful platform below. 

When you have a family member with epilepsy or other serious health conditions the struggle to keep track of appointments, medical tests and reports can be almost overwhelming.

Which is where the all in one online platform Kindom can help – it allows you to put every report, prescription, doctor’s note, as well as your own observations, thoughts and photos into one easily accessible digital platform, with you in control of who you share it with.

For mum of three Valerie Wade whose husband and daughter have epilepsy, as well as another child with developmental challenges on top of the usual childhood illnesses and issues, it’s exactly what she’s been waiting for.

“Simply being able to keep track and share vital health records and observations will be incredibly beneficial.”

“Neurologists always want to know what happens, how long a seizure goes for, and asks you to describe it, this takes the pressure off as you’re no longer relying on your memory.”

“We’ve moved states three times since having children and each time we’ve had to find a new doctor and then try to remember each child’s medical history and it’s been very difficult,” she said.

“Kindom also addresses one of the biggest challenges we faced at the start of every school year and that’s having to go from teacher to teacher explaining each child’s condition and treatment. To be able to simply hand them a printed health summary is amazing.”

Kindom’s founder and mum of six Cath Resnick knows all too well the challenges families face which is why she set about developing this platform.

 Mrs Resnick said Kindom helped families manage their health care by:

  • Central, secure, storage of important data; Whether it’s medical records, blood tests, or even school reports
  • Shared care; Enables easy access and sharing of records between everyone involved in the care circle

Health summary; Kindom automatically creates health and developmental summaries which you can be easily printed or emailed to give to clinicians, schools and carers.

In-built journal; Record key milestones, so you’ll never forget.

  • Schedules, reminders, calendars keep track of appointments, check-ups and key events.

Ms Wade said the app was invaluable.

“It’s not just for families with special needs, I can see all families being able to use this to help them manage day to day life.”

 Kindom is available for free at kindom.care