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Can Learning Stress-Reducing Techniques Help Reduce Seizures?

Learning techniques to help manage stress may help people with epilepsy reduce how often they have seizures, according to a recent study.

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Researchers find evidence for genetic relationship between epileptic seizures and depression

Scientists have found evidence that seizures and mood disorders such as depression may share the same genetic cause in some people with epilepsy.

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Folic acid in pregnancy for women taking antiepileptic drugs

Folic acid supplementation, used before and during pregnancy, may lessen the risk for autism in offspring of women treated with antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), new research shows.

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Does treating sleep apnoea improves seizure outcomes?

Treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea with positive airway pressure is associated with better seizure outcomes in people with epilepsy.

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Reducing side effects in commonly used drugs

New research from the Australian National University aims to look at the molecular level to find a way of reducing negative side effects without reducing the drug’s effectiveness.

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