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Medication during pregnancy poses risks to unborn babies

Sodium valproate, also known as Epilim, can be prescribed as a treatment for epilepsy and bipolar disorder. It carries a risk of causing physical abnormalities, autism, low IQ and learning disabilities if babies are exposed to the drug while in the womb. Read more

Read the results of the Australian Pregnancy Register in relation to Epilim doses during pregnancy 

Detecting concussion

Could small molecules in saliva really be used to detect a brain injury? Concussion? TBI? This seemingly improbable idea has gained attention thanks to recent studies utilizing a novel molecule called microRNA (miRNA). Read more

Brain training cuts epileptic seizures

Brain training devised by a clinical researcher can cut the number and frequency of epileptic seizures in patients who have not responded to drug treatment. Read more

For a simple explanation of neurofeedback watch this video

Brain scans may predict whether epilepsy surgery will work

Surgery to remove a part of the brain causing seizures in people with epilepsy doesn’t always result in complete seizure relief, but statisticians at Rice University have developed a method for combining brain scans to identify people at high risk of continued seizures before the surgery happens. Read more

How changes in brain waves could help predict which people will develop epilepsy after head injuries.

Researchers are now a step closer to be able to identify those people with head injuries who are most at risk of developing epilepsy as a result of their brain trauma. Read more