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What is C4E?

Australians living with epilepsy now have access to a Ground-breaking medicinal cannabis and epilepsy website to make informed decisions.

Launched by Epilepsy Action Australia, is the first evidence-based website to provide the latest published research from Australia and around the world, tools, fact sheets, videos, life stories and other resources related to medicinal cannabis and epilepsy.

Who is the C4E website for?

The website is for a range of people, including children and their families who live with intractable or medication resistant epilepsy. Adults who have lived for many years with unrelenting seizures that have made it virtually impossible for them to lead a quality life and participate fully in their communities. While some have been able to access medicinal cannabis, many others are still hoping for answers and relief from seizures. This website offers accurate, reliable and evidence based information for those seeking it.

Medicinal cannabis can be life-changing but it is not a ‘silver bullet’ and it is not advisable for people or carers to consult ‘Doctor Google’ for something so important. Research is constantly evolving and, like any medicine, the right dose, the right quality and the right treatment plan are essential to success.

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