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Reading epilepsy -  A type of reflex epilepsy where seizures are triggered by reading. There is jerking of the jaw, which can evolve to a generalised seizure, especially if the person keeps reading. There is a genetic basis and a positive family history in about 25% of cases.
Reflex epilepsy -  is a type of epilepsy in which seizures can be provoked regularly by an external stimulus or, less commonly, internal mental processes.
REM sleep -  Rapid Eye Movement. A stage in the normal sleep cycle during which dreams occur and the body undergoes changes including Rapid Eye Movement, muscle relaxation, and increased breathing and heart rate and brain activity.
Rhythmic -  occurring regularly
Rolandic epilepsy -  See benign focal epilepsy of childhood.
rote learning -  Learning something by memorising by repeating it, over and over and over again.
rubric -  Is a scoring tool that teachers use to assess student learning after a lesson.