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De’ja’ vu -  A feeling that you have been somewhere or seen something before, whether you have or not.
depression -  Persistent feelings of extreme sadness or grief.
diagnosis -  Judgement based on clinical signs and symptoms leading to identification of a known health condition or disease.
Diazepam -  Also known as Valium. This medication used as an anti-epileptic more so in acute situations such as status epilepticus, prolonged seizures or febrile convulsions. It is also used as a sedative, muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety agent. It is not considered for long term management because of its sedative and tolerance effects.
Dilantin -  See Phenytoin.
Disclosure -  Revealing private or previously unknown information to another person or third party.
DNA -  Deoxyribonucleic acid. The molecule that encodes genetic information in the nucleus of cells. It determines the structure, function and behaviour of the cell.
Drop Attacks -  sudden fall without warning or loss of consciousness. When these drop attacks are epilepsy, they are tonic or atonic seizures.
Dysfunction -  Abnormal or impaired function. Not working properly
Dysphasia -  Difficulty with speech and language function. Inability to speak words which one has in mind or to think of correct words, or inability to understand spoken or written words. Associated with dysfunction of the dominant hemisphere particularly the frontal, temporal or parietal lobes.